Urinary IncontinenceUrinary Incontinence (loss of bladder control) is a common and embarrassing problem. Urinary Incontinence severity ranges from occasional leaking urine when you sneeze, laugh, or cough (known as Stress Urinary Incontinence). There can also be experiences where there is a sudden, unpredictable episode of strong Urinary Urgency were sometimes the Urgency may be strong that you leak urine prior to making it to the bathroom (known as Urinary Urge Incontinence). There may be a combination of both know as Mixed Urinary Incontinence. In a woman, this is a consequence of childbirth or changes after Menopause. In men, this is a consequence of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy or a complication of Radical Prostatectomy. In many situations, Urinary Urge Incontinence can be treated with Anticholinergic and Beta Agonists, which are examples of medical therapy. Interstim Therapy and Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation are in office procedures utilized if medical therapy fails for Urinary Urgency and Urge Incontinence. If Stress Urinary Incontinence becomes too bothersome then Instillation of Macroplastique can be performed in the office also as a minimally invasive procedure. Even if the condition cannot be completely eliminated, modern products and ways of managing urinary incontinence can ease your discomfort and inconvenience. Expert evaluation of these conditions includes a complete history and physical exam. Urodynamic (bladder function test) and imaging studies may be required to fully evaluate the urinary tracts. Additional bladder studies such as Cystoscopy may be necessary.

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